I can not say enough about Colony Residential Care where my mother has lived the last 4 years. My mother is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s and when we found Colony Residential Care, I automatically knew this would be the best place for my mother.

Colony Residential is in a home setting, and my mother was in a much larger assisted living facility. As her Alzheimer’s progressed I knew she would need a different type of place. The manager Eleanor and the wonderful caregivers, Marissa, Richard and Gladys treat my mother like family. They are so sweet to her, they know how to engage with her and know exactly what her needs are. They have always kept me apprised of everything going on with my mother. Under not such great circumstances with the progression of her Alzheimer’s, I always know that she is in very good hands and all of the caregivers have her best interest. They are extended family and I am so grateful we found Colony.

I highly recommend Colony Residential Care to any family that is looking for superior care for their loved one.


As a professional and certified caregiver, I have found The Colony Residential Care facilities to be excellent. My personal friend and client who has been with them for a number of months, is very happy. He is receiving wonderful care. It is a very professional organization. It is a pleasure to work with the staff and management personnel because of their open communication and response to particular needs of my friend.

Thank You.


My father lives at the Van Nuys locations of The Colony. We came from another assisted living situation where they were unable to provide the attention and support, he needed.

The Colony has provided a bright, beautiful place for him to live within a very caring environment. Almost immediately his mood became more positive and his mental alertness woke up.

He is living in an actual home where people take care of his needs and keep me in the loop on how he’s doing in between my visits.

I feel safe that he is in good hands. The staff is compassionate and attentive, and the management and consultant Dianna are dedicated to keeping everyone safe, connected and healthy. What more could you want?