Gift Giving for Long-Term Care Residents

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Well, it is that time of year again when our thoughts turn to the holidays and gift giving. For many of us, finding the perfect gift is a struggle, especially for a loved one who lives in a long-term care facility. Since COVID-19 will still be causing social distancing and facilities are more than not in “lock down mode”, what is one to do?

Here are a few suggestions that are sure to brighten your loved one’s holiday.

Simple is often the best

1. A group telephone call will do wonders to boost a resident’s spirit. Many residents in a long-term care setting miss hearing from their loved ones. Most smart phones will allow many lines to join a call, so pass the phone around and everyone can say “hello.”

2. Who does not love holiday sweets and treats? Many retailers have beautiful treats wrapped and ready for delivery or you can hand deliver as an extra surprise.

3. Pre-recording a short video to wish your loved one a happy holiday will last forever. The video can be sent as an email or to a smart-phone and your loved one can view it as often as they want and share it with his or her friends.

4. Are you a crafty person? A handmade shawl (with pockets is a huge hit), lap blanket, booties, hat, scarf, walker or wheelchair organizer or mittens are sure to be a hit. Many residents are cold and winter often makes it more difficult for them to keep warm.

5. Many residents need toiletries that are special beyond everyday grooming such as: new brush or comb; a pretty lipstick or lip balm; perfume or cologne; lotions or special soaps.

6. Bed clothes, robes and slippers. Find tops that button and robes that tie or button. Slippers should cover the entire foot and have a rubber sole for safety. No slide ons or flip-flops.

These are just a few suggestions and of course you know your loved one’s likes and preferences better than anyone. Please be considerate of the facility’s policies regarding items that may not be allowed to be kept by the resident for safety. The staff can also make suggestions for items that your loved one might need or enjoy.

The Colony homes are decorated and ready for the Holidays and wish our residents and families all the joy the holidays bring during this time of year.